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Commercial Fire Restoration Process

4/30/2021 (Permalink)

Picture collage, windows broken, empty building inside. Commercial fire damage in College Park, CA.

What To Expect During The Commercial Fire Restoration

The fire restoration process is an important step in getting your business back open after a fire. Removing fire and smoke damage promptly also helps prevent additional damage from occurring to your property. This is a brief overview of what to expect during the commercial fire restoration process.

Board Up of Vulnerable Areas
Fires often cause damage that can leave your building vulnerable to additional damage from wind, rain, debris, vandalism and theft. Boarding up vulnerable areas can help prevent this from occurring and make your building safer for your insurance adjuster and restoration professionals to enter. There are several areas of your building that should be checked for openings that need board up services:

  • Windows
  • Walls
  • Roof

Damage Assessment
Before you can start making repairs, a claims adjuster or damage estimator needs to inspect your property. If you have property insurance, this will usually be someone sent out by your insurance company. This person will make a list of all of the damaged property that needs to be repaired, replaced or restored. An estimate of the repair costs, which should include items such as smoke cleaning, may be generated after the inspection.

Soot and Smoke Removal
The chemicals from smoke damage can cause additional damage to your property, so smoke and soot damage should be addressed early in the process. A professional cleaning service in College Park, CA, can help you clean your smoke and soot damaged property.

Water Removal
Water from your sprinkler system or the fire department may have left portions of your property saturated with water. Have this water removed to avoid mold and mildew growth.
Familiarizing yourself with the commercial fire restoration process will help you prepare for what will happen after a fire occurs in your business. The faster you can address issues, such as smoke damage, the faster your business will be able to resume normal operations.

How to Protect Your Business From Hail Damage

4/16/2021 (Permalink)

A person standing on board, boarding roof. Roof repair in Downtown Costa Mesa, CA

Certain areas of the country are prone to hailstorms and although you can’t control Mother Nature’s whims, there are a few helpful suggestions to protect your business in Downtown Costa Mesa, CA from roof damage and other types of hail damage.

Be Proactive Against Hailstorms

Always inspect the roof of your building immediately after a storm to see if there is any roof damage. Replace any missing or cracked shingles to ensure that no leaking can occur. Inspect the roof drainage system and remove any leaves or branches. Clean debris out of the gutters so that the drains don’t get blocked.
Protect any HVAC equipment on the roof. If the equipment isn’t capable of handling high winds or hail, install protective shields or hail guards for the machinery to keep it safe. Just make sure the protection is designed to resist uplift pressures that the American Society of Civil Engineers has defined. Your installation service should refer to ASCE7 for details on the acceptable standards.
Secure any outdoor equipment or furniture. If you provide patio furniture, grills, or other outdoor equipment for your employees to use, consider bringing the items indoors before the storm hits. Larger items should be tied down securely so that they stay put in high winds.
Consider having impact-resistant windows and skylights installed. The glass in these windows is treated with a substance that makes them stronger than regular glass and is less prone to shattering during high winds or hailstorms.
Make sure your employees stay away from windows during a storm. Designate certain sheltered areas in the building where people can meet. Practice emergency drills routinely so that everyone knows what to do and where to meet to ensure everyone’s safety during weather events.
Make sure your business has adequate commercial property insurance that covers wind and hail damage.

Roof damage can be the start of serious issues in your building, so following these steps can help to mitigate any potential problems.

3 Tips for Removing Cigarette Smoke Odor From Your Home

3/25/2021 (Permalink)

Ozone generator Ozone has been proven to be effective at destroying odor.

Tips For Removing Cigarette Smoke Odor

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported in 2019 that 34.1 million adult Americans admitted to smoking at least 100 cigarettes in their lifetime. The health risks of the practice and its secondhand leavings aside, a major problem with lighting up in buildings is that it can leave behind a long-lasting, unpleasant odor. Regardless of whether it is the result of the habit of others or yourself, you may not want such a smell to linger in your home. There is the option of contacting a professional cleanup service in Mesa Verde, CA, for home deodorization, but it is not the only choice available. Here are some tips for eliminating any scent left behind by cigarette smoke.

1. Purify and Circulate Air
Promoting circulation and purification of the air in your home is one part of home deodorization. Some actions you can take include:

  • Opening doors and windows
  • Using fans
  • Using an air purifier with a HEPA filter
  • Placing bowls of vinegar (white or apple cider) and active charcoal in different areas for odor absorption
  • Regularly changing out HVAC filters

2. Use an Ozone Generator
Ozone has been proven to be effective at destroying odor. What happens is ozone generators make activated oxygen molecules that oxidize smoke particles. It is important to be aware that the substance may result in negative health effects and damage to some items.

3. Clean Exposed Materials
The stench of cigarette smoke can cling to objects. Washing hard surfaces with a water and vinegar solution can help get it off. With textiles, you can wash removable objects like couch covers with vinegar in the washing machine. For those things not so easily cleaned, like furniture, you can sprinkle baking soda over them, let it sit for a while and then vacuum it up. You may also want to steam clean carpets after this, as well as furniture and curtains if you have access to an attachment.
Home deodorization may become an extensive project depending on how long the issue has gone unaddressed. Preventative measures, like smoking outside and encouraging others to do the same are the best way to avoid having to go through it.

3 Tips for Removing Odors After a Flood

3/25/2021 (Permalink)

drying equipment in a commercial building, plastic barriers placed on baseboards of wall in order to dry the inside of drywal Commercial water loss in Westside, CA.

These Three Tips Can Help You Remove Them

Water damage in buildings is a very common problem and one that can be difficult to resolve. Not only does the water itself cause property damage, but it can lead to mold growth, odors and other problems. If you are noticing odors in your building after a flood, these three tips can help you remove them.

1. Clean and Dry Your Carpets
Carpeted areas can be particularly challenging when damaged by floodwater. The water can soak into the carpet pad and cause mold. It can also leave behind stains and smells. The first step is to completely dry out your carpet. You may need the assistance of a water restoration company in Westside, CA, to do this. Once your carpet is dry, thoroughly clean it, but do not use too much moisture, because this could lead to a new mold problem. Try sprinkling baking soda or a commercial carpet deodorizer on the carpet to absorb odors.

2. Throw Out Contents That Can Not Be Dried Out
Some types of property, such as carpets, upholstered furniture, insulation and paper files are difficult to completely dry out, which can lead to mold growth. Anything you have that you can not promptly dry out may need to be discarded to prevent future problems such as mold and bad smells.

3. Ventilate and Deodorize the Building
One of the first things to do after sewage loss or flooding is to open as many doors and windows as possible. This helps to air out the building and aid in the drying process. You can help this process along by using a space heater, box fan or overhead fan. Using a commercial deodorizer may also help with eliminating odors.
Flood damage can cause mold growth and other issues that can lead to unpleasant odors in your building. These three steps can help you eliminate this problem before it gets worse.

The Different Types of Sewage Problems in a Home

3/11/2021 (Permalink)

Overflowing broken toilet A toilet overflow in Downtown Costa Mesa, CA.

Types Of Sewage Problems

The plumbing lines in your home bring in clean water and discharge dirty water. This discharged water ranges from gray water to highly-contaminated black water. If any of these discharge lines break, you are likely to need professional sewage cleaning. It is important to understand that homes are subject to numerous problems that can result in water problems of a serious nature. Some of the more common problems include the following:

  • A toilet overflow
  • A sewage backup
  • A flood
  • An appliance malfunction
  • A broken pipe

Any time contaminated water is released into your home in Downtown Costa Mesa, CA, quick action is necessary to protect your property and keep everyone safe. The surest way to do this is by calling in a professional water restoration crew in your area.

Best Practices for Sewage Cleaning
A highly-trained team has the restoration process down to a science. They arrive quickly, knowing that time is of the essence. Then they perform an inspection of the property and do a damage assessment. Though each situation is different, they follow a general guideline for most cases, adapting as needed. For example, a clogged pipe might entail dealing with the plumbing line before continuing to other issues. The next steps involve wearing PPE, containing the spill, removing any standing water and then drying out the area. With sewage issues, special attention is paid to disinfecting and sanitizing the impacted areas.

Solid Methods for Comprehensive Restoration
The technicians will look at damaged materials to see if any are candidates for restoration. Where possible, a highly-trained crew will save items that have not been damaged too severely, but they will replace materials where necessary. In general, sewage cleaning requires the replacement of such items as carpeting, upholstery, drywall and insulation. The final steps include the elimination of odors as well as dehumidification to prevent mold growth. While there are many different types of sewage problems, a professional team has the tools and experience to restore your home.

What Are SERVPRO’s Vendor Qualification Compliance and Professionalism Requirements?

2/23/2021 (Permalink)

Business Communication Connection People Concept Did you know that we are a Preferred Vendor for many insurance companies.

When a disaster happens in Costa Mesa, CA, a fast and effective response is needed to both prevent further damage and complete the restoration at a reasonable price. However, there are plenty of shady contractors eagerly waiting for an opportunity to cheat customers and insurance companies. It can be difficult for an insurance agent to know who to recommend.
That’s where the Preferred Vendor program comes in. To be part of the program, a company must meet certain stringent requirements – and to be a SERVPRO franchise, they need to go even further. No other company vets its franchisees as thoroughly.

What Is the Preferred Vendor Program?

Major insurance companies have agreed on several criteria that every restoration company they use must meet. These include:

  • Repairs are performed for a set price – no hidden fees.
  • Repairs must be completed to exact standards and specifications.
  • Repairs must be performed by qualified professionals.

To be part of the program, each franchisee must apply to the central Quality Assurance Department and prove they meet the requirements. Once approved, you’ll be able to trust their results and know in advance how much restoration will cost. It’s an insurance agent’s guarantee of a satisfied client and a less stressful experience.

What Does SERVPRO Require?
Each franchisee must apply for Preferred Vendor approval. However, most will be approved, since they already meet SERVPRO’s 21 specific guidelines to receive insurance client referrals, including background checks, IICRC certification and proof of the proper equipment.
The local company will hold a 15-day training session for its employees and managers, followed by their technicians attending water and fire damage certification classes. Continuing education is also expected of each local franchise.

Why Is This Important?
Under the Fairs Claims Settlement Practices Regulations, if an insurance agent recommends a restorer, they’re effectively guaranteeing the work done. When your company can be held liable, be absolutely sure you’re working with an established business!
The Preferred Vendor program is designed to keep prices reasonable and ensure quality compliance. It’s an agent’s best friend when disaster strikes.

3 Reasons You Need Business Insurance

2/11/2021 (Permalink)

Business insurance application form on a desk, the hand of a person holding a pen. It is a good idea to purchase insurance if you don’t already have it.

Why You Need Business Insurance

If you own a business in Fairview Park, CA, then you likely already have some kind of business insurance. If not, it is something that you should consider. This might just seem like an extra expense, but water damage happens often and insurance helps keep you ready for an emergency. The following are a few reasons why you need business insurance.

1. Damage From Water is Common
It is easy to stay in the mindset that bad things probably won’t happen to you, but when it comes to this kind of damage, this is simply not true. Leaks are very common, and even small ones can damage your building and contribute to mold growth. Severe storms and broken pipes can cause serious issues as well, particularly if they result in a flooded building.

2. Restoration Can Be Expensive
Depending on how severe the damage is, you could be dealing with an extensive restoration process. An emergency restoration company will need to perform water damage remediation which involves several steps, from removing excess water from the building to making repairs and replacing damaged materials. If you do not have insurance, your business will need to pay for this on its own which can be pricey.

3. You Could Lose Work Hours
If you do need water cleanup and repairs, you won’t just be losing money paying for these services. You might not be able to use your building during this time, making it difficult or impossible for you to work as usual. This lost time can result in lost profits, but insurance can help make up for this.
Because water damage is something that happens at some point in most commercial buildings, it is a good idea to purchase insurance if you don’t already have it. It can keep you from losing money as a result of restoration expenses as well as time spent out of work. It is a great way to keep your business prepared for unexpected emergencies.

Important Issues With Mold Insurance Claims

2/2/2021 (Permalink)

Mold growth inside a wall Mold inside your walls may cause a lot of issues

Important Issues With Mold Insurance Claims

Business owners and managers need to keep a close eye on their commercial insurance coverage. It is an ongoing battle to make sure the policy covers what it should and that premiums are not too high. To accomplish this, those in a position of authority should look at their policies at least once a year, especially in regard to gaps in coverage and to dangerous exposures to lawsuits. Mold insurance claims can be an area that requires constant monitoring. The insurance provider should be able to recommend coverage that makes sense in this regard. Some companies might need more coverage than others when it comes to mold issues.

A commercial property in Wimbledon Village, CA, that has mold could be sued for liability, especially if employees or clients suffer any health issues as a result of a fungal outbreak. While there are many gray areas related to mold insurance claims, it is a serious issue for a company. The following business models are at a higher risk for liability lawsuits as a result of a mold claim:

  • Apartment complexes
  • Office buildings
  • Leased buildings
  • Multi-unit properties

Managers should always take mold issues seriously. Failure to act swiftly and responsibly could lead to an adverse judgment in a liability case.

Property Damage
Because a mold outbreak can cause significant property damage, mold remediation should start as soon as possible. A local mold mitigation team can arrive at a property quickly and recommend the best course of action. This is often the surest way to avoid lawsuits. It is also an excellent way to minimize damages as a result of a mold outbreak. Technicians can perform a variety of vital actions, including testing, containment, removal and restoration. In certain cases, commercial insurance does cover the cost of cleanup and repair for mold mitigation services. Business owners should learn as much as possible about minimizing mold insurance claims.

Prepare for Canceled Flights With These 3 Tips

1/14/2021 (Permalink)

Flight information on an airport showing cancelled flights because of a thunderstorm, vector A canceled flight is a major setback to your day

Tips to Reduce the Chances of a Canceled Flight

A canceled flight is a major setback to your day. Whether you had business outside of South Coast Metro, CA, or simply wanted to go on vacation, it wastes your time and disrupts your plans. Cancellation causes such as maintenance issues or stormy weather are unavoidable, but you can plan around them. 

1. Take an Early Flight
Performing activities in the morning make your day more flexible, and airplane flights are no exception. If an unexpected development disrupts your agenda, you will find more alternative flights and other solutions during the day since most airports slow down activities at night. You are also more likely to reach your destination on time. Finally, if the next available flight is not until tomorrow, you will have time to research storm tips, make plans, and find overnight accommodations.

2. Avoid Layovers
There is a greater chance of a canceled flight if it makes multiple stops at different locations before arriving at your desired destination. These stops, known as layovers or connections, increase the travel time and place you in multiple locations with varying climates. These factors can boost the possibility of cancelation. The best way to prevent unexpected incidents is to book a nonstop flight. You will have a straightforward and fast trip with fewer risks.

3. Keep Information Close
Cancellations are sometimes inevitable and you will need to adapt to the ongoing situation. Keep travel-related information alongside other vital contacts such as emergency response, insurance, and storm damage remediation. Write it down in a notecard and store it in your wallet or type it in your smartphone and save it. You will save some time depending on the situation. For instance, if the flight is canceled, you can call the airline and plan another trip directly instead of joining a long line.
While receiving the news of a canceled flight is an unpleasant experience, you can work your way around it. Consider this advice and plan accordingly to reduce any inconvenience.

3 Signs That Your House Has a Sewage Problem

12/30/2020 (Permalink)

Toilet overflow If you have a toilet overflow you may need to plan for sewage cleaning

What Can This Mean?

Everything has been fine until one day, you notice that the toilet overflowed while you were in the shower. This is odd, so you clean up the water, plunge the toilet, and move on. Except that it happens again the next day. What could this mean? It likely means that you have a problem with your sewer line in Fairgrounds, CA. Any time a sewer pipe becomes blocked, water that should flow through the pipes has to find a different way out. Here are three signs that you might have a sewer problem.

1. Water Overflow
If there is a toilet overflow while you shower or water oozes up from a floor drain or the sink when you run water somewhere else, you likely need to plan for a sewage cleaning. A plumbing tool referred to as a "snake" makes it possible for you to try and unclog a clogged pipe yourself. You can run the snake through the toilet or through the drain cleanout, but if you still haven't solved the problem, it's time to call a plumber.

2. Drainage Problems
Another sign that you need a sewage cleaning is that your drains drain slowly. If you end up with ankle-deep water while you shower or brushing your teeth makes it look like you pulled the sink plug, you might have a problem with your sewer line. Additionally, if your sewer line is stressed, it could mean that other leaks occur to compensate the increased pressure. If you find a leak, call a local water damage repair company to come and assess the problem.

3. Foundation Cracks
A sign of a more significant problem would be new cracks in the foundation of your house or along a walkway or driveway. This is not the type of problem that can be solved with the snake; call a professional immediately as this is a sign of more significant damage to your sewer line.
DIY sewage cleaning efforts should be used judiciously. If you aren't sure about the extent of the problem, it is always wisest to call a professional for help.