Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Standing water in a hallway.

A Storm Left This Home With Standing Water

A storm in the area left this home with a ton of internal water damage. As seen in the photo, you can tell that the carpets had absorbed a ton of water. At SERVPRO of Costa Mesa, our crew uses powerful extraction equipment to quickly remove any moisture left on your property. 

Storm Damage in Costa Mesa

SERVPRO can respond immediately to your home or business after a severe storm. This room suffered from water damage. Flood cuts were performed to dry behind the drywall and ensure no damages are present behind the wall. 

Roof Repair in California

The team at SERVPRO responded and boarded up the roof after a storm in California.  The water was leaking through the roof so they put a board over the damage to keep any future weather from leaking in the home. 

Kitchen Storm Damage

This home suffered from significant amounts of water in the kitchen and throughout the home after a storm hit the area.  SERVPRO immediately responded and began to extract the water and use air movers to dry properly. 

Water Damage after a Storm

This home suffered from storm damage.  SERVPRO responded immediately and extracted the water from the floor and dried properly.  It is important to get the water up quickly to prevent future damages. 

Garage suffered Storm Damage

This garage suffered from storm damage after a storm hit in the area.  The garage had water coming in from under the garage door.  SERVPRO responded and extracted the water and dried the floor with air movers. 

Storm Damage after a storm in CA

Storms can happen when you least expect it. This home suffered from storm damage.  SERVPRO has teams ready to respond 24/7/365.  Contact us for your storm restoration emergency.