Commercial Photo Gallery

Air Duct Cleaning in California

This is a church our team was called to help clean the duct works. We have the equipment and training to make sure the air quality is at the best level for commercial facilities.

Commercial Water Loss

Our drying equipment is properly placed on this water loss. We responded after a call came in for significant water damage in this commercial facility. We extracted and placed equipment immediately.

Commercial Pipe Break

This commercial kitchen suffered from a pipe break flooding the floor.  The air movers and dehumidifiers were used to dry the area and prevent from future damages.  The pipe was also repaired. 

Faster to Any Disaster!

Whether we are responding to a fire and flood at a Hotel in Anaheim, CA. 45 rooms and 10 Floors affected....or if we need to help an entire apartment complex, we are able to be ready at a moments notice and haul everything we need in this one trailer.

Big Wharehouse Requires Big Repairs

This commercial property needed big indoor roofing repairs after a rainy week. We were able to service their needs and do so around a working schedule so they would not have to close their doors to any business.

SERVPRO of Costa Mesa Helps with Large Loss

When a fire took lpace at this hotel over the weekend, it was disaster meets disaster. The quickest way to put out a fire is with water, so the fire damages soon met water damages. SERVPRO of Costa Mesa was able to assist in the water drying, the fire damages, contents pack out and pack back. We were able to assist to making it look "Like it never even happened".